Complete comfort and eco-efficiency

Mitsubishi Electric’s intelli-HEAT Dual Fuel System delivers cost-effective, eco-efficient, year-round heating and cooling. Variable speed technology and smart controls significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Experience lower utility bills, a quieter outdoor environment and reliable comfort, even in temperatures as low as -13°F.

Cooling only

In summer, your heat pump’s INVERTER-driven compressor provides superior cooling performance and significant energy savings.

Intelligent control and optimized performance

Pair your heat pump and gas furnace for reliable comfort and lower energy bills. Your intelli-HEAT Dual Fuel System uses smart technology to automatically switch between heat pump and furnace operation when ambient temperatures are extremely low and when home heating load needs are high.

The intelli-HEAT advantage

We design the A-coil for longevity and lifelong efficiency, using high-quality materials, precise engineering and best-in-class condensation management. Other features include:

  • Smaller tube diameters with grooved design technology provide higher heat transfer efficiency.
  • Flared piping connections allow for quick installations with no brazing needed.
  • Oxygen-free copper coils provide up to six times the longevity of standard copper coils.
  • High-quality drain pan material delivers a high heat tolerance with low moisture absorption.

Designed to withstand extreme conditions

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps with exclusive Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i®) perform extremely well under all cold-climate conditions. Our technology allows higher compressor speeds at lower outdoor air temperatures, without the strain on the unit or potential damage to the compressor. These are true cold-climate heat pumps, designed to deliver 100% of heating capacity in temperatures as low as 5°F and up to 93% heating capacity at -13F.

Year-round precise comfort

Outdoor units operate as low as 46 decibels—quieter than a typical conversation — and contain an array of technology to provide the perfect level of comfort: inverter compressors, aerodynamic fans, variable speed fan motors, flash injection technology, sea-coast protected heat exchangers, and cold-climate protection.

Flexible and future-proof

Available as a heat pump or an H2i® hyper-heating heat pump, with the same INVERTER-driven compressors as the single zone units, our multi-zone outdoor units can accommodate new-builds, retrofits and renovations. They’re smaller, quieter, more efficient and designed to last. Connect up to six indoor units now or years from now.

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